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            The Controller of Examinations coe1 and internal marks 2016-2017 were updated and conducted by Anna University. All Anna University students are should take more important by internal marks 2016-2017.
            Theory examination marks allotted         – 100 marks
            Converted marks                                      - 80 marks
            Internal marks                                          - 20 marks
Check here internal marks 2016-2017
Anna University internal assessment marks

            Most of the student was concentration only theory examinations. But theory examinations marks have only 80 marks. If a student was not well in before the examinations the internal marks will add also next semester. Did not change internal marks up to 8th semester?
Assessment test - I      – 5 marks
Assessment test - II    – 5 marks
Assessment test - III   - 5 marks
Attendance report       - 5 marks
To check internal marks in Anna University portal
Your theory examinations marks        = 63 marks
Convert 80 marks in your theory
Examinations marks                            = 50 marks
Internal marks                                     = 0 mark
Total marks                                         = 50 (without internal marks)

The Anna University Internal Marks were published in Anna University for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th semester. The Anna University Internal Marks provided at out of 20 marks in Anna University and its affiliated colleges. The faculties have updated the Anna University Internal Marks using the staff portal in Anna University website.
The Anna University provided at the Internal Marks 2017. Let as the Anna University students go to website or website for see your Internal Marks 2017.
The alternate method for see your Anna University Internal Marks available here. The Anna University another mirror server website has been provided at the Anna University Internal Marks 2017.
The website provided at the Anna University results 2017. The Anna University use the sdpdr website for sees your Anna University results. Internal Marks 2016 2017
The Anna University Internal Marks have allocated and maintained by the, and


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