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          In this website www.coe2annauniv.in is not a official site for Anna University updates and information.

Malware and spywares:
            If have no one any malware and virus on this website (www.coe2annauniv.in), if suppose any malware or virus to be affected to your device I will not response for your devices.  That time we will not take care of your devices.
E mail
            You have commented the website using Your E – Mail ID. The E – Mail ID has not published on this website. Suppose your E – Mail ID where leaked we are not acceptable.
            The unwanted comment and mails are strictly prohibited. Suppose the unwanted comment placed in this website, the comment has been removed by the website administrator without visitor’s permission.

            The information has collected from the Anna University affiliated colleges. The visitors not satisfaction on this information could not response of this website.